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HAY Online Media wants to share the beauty and mystique about Haiti with those Haitian Americans who have disconnected from their heritage.  Read more on our About Page!

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Our Thinking

To make sure the youth born here have a smooth transition into embracing their culture through their eyes.


​A place for Haitian American youth to unite and bridge the gap between them and Haiti how they see it.

Will be Imitated but never will be duplicated.

Cultures and Sources of Inspiration

Haitian American Youth Online is dedicated to reaching out to many sources but most importantly we like to connect to our roots as well as places of origins. So we came from the Western coast of Africa via slave ships to Haiti as in Haitian ancestry and many have found themselves in the United States trying to make their mark. We like to include Haiti, Africa and United States as focal points of receiving sources of information, networking and sharing from those regions the people past with present to HAY Online.

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