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HAY Online wants to share the beauty and mystique about Haiti with those Haitian Americans who have disconnected from their heritage. While our Haitian parents were settling into the United States, taking two sometimes three jobs to support us, they did not always find time to educate us on our Haitian history. 


For Those of us who grew up in the "80's" remember the stigma with saying you were Haitian or had parents who were. It was not something readily admitted. Then people like Wyclef Jean and others of Haitian descent started to represent and made being of Haitian descent the thing to be. The "90's" saw a rebirth in Haitian culture amongst Haitian Americans but then soon fizzled. 


Rebirth in a passion to learn everything Haitian and in a will to take our knowledge in whatever we know to help solidify Haiti's future is what we need. How can we expect Haiti to flourish if the children of its descendents are so far disconneted from their heritage? There needs to be a natural urge instilled in them to see the reason to donate to charities that aid Haiti, to travel and bring their kids to Haiti, to decide one day to up and move to Haiti to live out their days, or just to put brain power together with those pushing for a better Haiti.



HAY Online strives to spark an interest in Haitian culture into the minds of the youth who are to busy worrying about assimilitaing into American culture. There is nothing wrong with making your mark in your country of origin, but one needs to know from what stalk of people they come from themselves. We want you to sit back and enjoy all HAY Online has to present and do for you. We do the research and bring the online content to you. We will make it easy for you to find whatever information about Haiti and what is going on in the Haitian and Haitan American communities all over the United States.


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HAY Online strives to be an unbiased place for the promotion  of education, cultural enrichness, socializing and more to quench your thirst for everything Haitian and American.

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As we learn of new spots online sharing our culture or essential help in areas we need growth, we will share them here with you.

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