Business Plan: Think It


We all have our goals in life and try to find the best way to go about them. Well for you young entrepreneurs who have aspirations of being your own boss, here is a section devoted to you. Every week there will be articles explaining the important steps to take to start a business. From the legal business structure to actual entrepreneurs with their stories. We will be the place for leading information as it pertains to business.


Our goal is to see more Haitian American youths starting businesses properly. This is a vital role in solidifying our mark in this great country of opportunity and prosperity.


When one is thinking about starting a business, a plan needs to be in place. Any legit business needs one. It needs to show your mission, goals, projected earnings, where you intend to get start-up capital, what your market is, the product or services you will provide, the logo's, marketing, and basically every aspect about the business. The hyperlink within the title will send you to a page that is helpful in getting started.

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Research & Questions You Should Ask weekly suggestions to better presentation online


Google Your Business Name 

Do not just pick one out the thin air and run with it. This move can hurt you in the end. Why?


Is anyone else online using it? This may govern how you present online and why your efforts are not gaining any bountiful traffic or engagement. Why?


Is there another variation I like to change it to?  You may need to change the name of your new venture because another entity is already amped with SEO. Why?


First see if other similar name is marketing or promoting about the same thing you will be? If another entity with the same name but different products, services or organization then still use it. Just understand the first few formative years will be filled with distinguishing the differences of your use of similar name. Also if in another state then totally focus first on local SEO and what is mentioned above. So many variables may work for your or against you.It really is a case by case process. Thus why one who understands well how SEO works is valuable to have or you learn how to implement it consistently. How?


Why? or How? =Click them for more detailed response or help with your online presence; go to our HAY Online Media Business Blog

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