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A modern merengue style of Haitian music that was put on the map by a man many online sources hail as the one who put this genre of music on the up on it in the late 50's. His name was Nemours Jean Baptiste. 


Brief Music History:


Nemours Jean Baptiste - He put Compas music out there with his tours performing selections all over the Caribbean. He is said to be the genre's grandfather for how much he brought this Haitian "Modern Merengue" called Compas to the world. Ever since it has been the musical symbol of Haitian music culture. His partner was Webert Sicot who he formed "Conjunto International" with.


Brass Orchestra with a "Big Band" feel that has a saxaphone as lead most typically.


Languages: Creole, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English 


Konpa Direk switched up the game all over the Caribbean.


More Information: Exile One is another group we learned about that was never known. Crazy the things you find when you dig deep into your culture that sometimes is not so out there as much as what else is deemed popular. Get cracking HAY and check out Haitian All-StarZ a bit more to get into your Haitian musical roots.


Our source for all this great information was via Haitian All-StarZ's music find,


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Nemours Jean Baptiste

Nemours Jn Baptiste 


Webert Sicot


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Webert Sicot Carnaval 1967

Compas Festival 2014- Klass "Priyorite"

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