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Since many of us including the founder of Haitian American Youth Online Media, Inc are not from Haiti nor traveled yet like Nancy Francois, we must look to those who know about Haitian culture. Since we are in the business of fnding out information and presenting the best we can find online, we also know it must be genuine. So here we share those helping us learn about our culture. We specifically partner with those who are warm and very receptive. This is an area many in the Haitian community overlook and do not get. Many of us are intimidated and many times offended by many who just do not care about approach. We understand this here at HAY Online and present individuals that are also professionals who understand our liaison goals. Here they are. :)



  • Haiti Connection     

        - The Real Haiti       

        - Haiti Infos


  • HAY Online Culture/Haitian Culture 

        - Haiti Visuelle       

        - Bito David


  • About that Haitian Chef 

        - Chef Lemaire       

        - Sensory Delights Catering


  • We Support Haitian Business  

        - Bernier Legal

​        - Tax Central Business Services


  • Haitian Americans Represented

        - Florida Young Voters Association

        - Cornbread and Cremasse

        - Support The Hustle

        - La Beaute Magazine

        - Haitian All-StarZ

        - Mizikpam.com

        - Phoenix Refined

        - Royale L'radin

        - Zakafest

        - All HAY Online Finds Easily  
          Online Pertaining to Haitian 


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