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Girl Talk with Ms. Fab is where we share life coaching from Ms. Fab Cornielius. She is an amazing Haitian Bahamian woman who is a gem to have in your corner mentoring you, inspiring you and connecting with you as she too lives her life. We will share video, images and more as she creates spaces to connect all over the web with women and men on issues about relationships, marriage, children and building family up. She is not perfect and she lets you know this as you experience Ms. Fab's World. Let's get connected and inspire each other as we get better HAY Online!


As her Periscope states, she is a: Busy Mom of 4, Creator of #GTMF(Talk Show Series, Relationship GuRu, Mother. Wife. Visionary. Blogmom, Support the Girl Talk Movement with our Girls.

GTMF Girl Talk: Girl Talk with Ms. Fab on Periscopee


Check out the new promo for Girl Talk with Ms.Fab on PeriscopeLive show that is keeping it real about the family, being a mother, a wife and just human. Let us connect! Monday - Wednesday - Friday around 7pm


Persicope: How to link up on Periscope?


Just have your twitter app open to account you want to comment as or heart the show as, then go to and download your own iOS app or Android app of Periscope to your smart phone or tablet, then allow access to Twitter and follow instructions to downloading app, either click link here after having app downloaded onto device to go directly to GTMF Girl Talk platform or search for @Msfabulous4real and hit FOLLOW, if she is live enjoy the show and if not just wait for notification via phone or tablet it is on. Simple!

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