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Goshen Haiti is the progressive execution of the EACH ONE PLANTS ONE and Norigene Foundation's vision to help make Haiti green again with food security for generations.


The first farm is established on 4 acres of land in Bon Repos and will be expanded on over 127 acres available in Thomonde in 2016. All operations started in the fall of 2013. In 2014 Goshen Haiti farm produced watermelon, pumpkin and papaya. A parcel of land even holds a park for our goat farm.


Goshen Haiti is a registered tax paying company in Haiti. It has 5 active full time employees and has already created 100 temporary jobs. It is our interest to use the farm as an attraction point to encourage young Haitians to see farming as a viable lucrative economic activity when necessary techniques are employed.


Currently, we only produce for the local market, but we certainly are making efforts to reach international markets based on demands.


At Goshen, we also organize nurseries to make plants available for surounding communities in keeping with the EACH ONE PLANTS ONE project. All Goshen farms will be equipped to serve the purpose of reforesting the area. All types of plants will be made available for target communities at the most affordable cost to facilitate tree planting.


Goshen Haiti does not rely on rain only for planting, we make every effort to dig wells and then apply the appropriate pumping systems for irrigation. Funding remains a major hurdle but we will take one step at a time until we bring Goshen at the fore front of Haiti's national diet.


Goshen Haiti, food security for generations! Now that you know the facts, stand with the revolution!

Goshen Haiti


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