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Haiti is on the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east and has an estimated over ten million inhabitants. 


Much since the 2010 is for the most part the same as in life for the less fortunate who now have compunded issues stemming from a natural disaster as always.


Hope is sounding loud and clear when visitors like you enjoy information about Haiti that peak an invested interest in a island full of great history, sensational headlines and just enough to keep one's eye on the island.


Let's learn about our Haitian culture from those who know it best. Haiti Visuelles, Haitian All-StarZ, La Beaute Magazine, The Real Hait, and so many more are lending their material on Haiti to us to share. 


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Haiti : It's History in a Snippet
Taino Indians of the Arawak 


Haiti is one of those places one can look at to see its beauty and mystery. From the moment discovered to present, much can be dissected over and over.


Many claims are online now but the few with credibility have been online since the 90's. 


The Arawak Indians were a group of Indians sprawled throughout the Caribbean before Christopher Columbus "Sailed The Ocean Blue" in small kingdoms with Caciques as leaders. Remember that rhyme, "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue?" Yeah, well I do too and when you are raised in the United States to parents who were not so forth coming on a matter they too did not know, it can be a hairy situation sorting out what record of claimed facts to take. 


So the Arawak Indians whom the Taino derived from were considered peace loving as Haitians are described even during the Haiti Earthquake aftermath. So connecting some things we learn from History. 


I found most my information on Bob Corbett's World History Archives that since so long ago has been a source corroborated by looking at French record and some American record of the times following settlement in the North American continent called now the United States. Remember, Hispaniola which is now Haiti and Dominican Republic is situated within the North American region. So one claiming being American from Haiti is not all too much embellishing here.


More to come and share. Till next time HAY Online!

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