Haitian American Community Association

The Haitian American Community Association (HACA) has a strong presence and history in the Chicago area. HACA came into being nearly twenty years ago to fulfill various social service needs within the Chicago Haitian American Community, including other international ethnic groups.

Through the years, strong and focused leadership, visionaries in the community, dedicated volunteers, and generous foundations have kept the Center's doors open. As we persevere at the dawning of a new millennium, we wish to raise the bar for the Center and all that it has to offer the community. In the years to come, we will strive to honor all who have made HACA a place where many friendships have been made and lives enhanced.

As Haitians, we are not strangers to conflict and struggle, whether with foreign aggressors, or at times, among ourselves. We pledge, however, to transcend both, and converge with our hearts, minds and souls, the resources necessary to establish a formidable socioeconomic and cultural base that will benefit the multitude of Haitians living in the Diaspora.

We will stand tall and ready in continuing to design and implement innovative educational programs and other activities that will enhance our development. We renew our commitment to be unified so that we can bring to fruition, what is best for the entire community.

We announce to all that we are a family and are always here to help our fellow Haitians and Haitian-Americans. Our quest to partner with other institutions and individuals to advance the interests of our community will be an ongoing endeavor. We reaffirm our pledge to increase awareness and understanding of our history, culture and our place on the world stage today. We do hereby establish and adopt these bylaws of the H.A.C.A

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