Haitian American Culture

Many assume to know what Haitian American cutlure consists of. As with Haitian culture and its many facets depending on region in Haiti one is from, so is the culture we grew up with here. The mix of old customs and American ways that mix to make the unique blend of culture can form a clash. So we do not assume, we just find and present those who relevantly share their rendition, you then decide if it fits you and what you can learn from what's shared.

Haitian American Culture: HAY Black History Month

Fredrick Douglass in Focus


We are born here and many like the founder of this community have yet to go to Haiti. Yet we all have heard of Fredrick Douglass. "I remember when I first learned about his lecture about Haiti in Grammar school at the South Regional Library in South Florida." - Nancy Francois


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Our Blog Posts on Him:

Fredrick Douglass Lecture on Haiti (Tumblr)

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Cornbread and Cremasse

A Blogsite that lets anyone who has a story about their Haitian American existence to share. Here many youth and adults born here can see if they relate or learn from them.

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About Cornbread and Cremasse:


Cornbread and Cremasse is an interactive blog that explores how first generation Haitian-Americans (or their significant others) raise their often times “half-Haitian” children in America — how they pass down some aspects of the Haitian culture to their children and how sometimes they don’t.



The Haitian American

Facebook page with an emphasis on education and the betterment of the Haitian American who wants to excel in academics and community involvement.

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About The Haitian American:


The Haitian American Facebook Page was created in 2011, from a Need to Empower, Motivate and Encourage Success through Education. Daring to be Great for the Future. The content is surreal, positive, constructive, fun and beneficial. As we find the story all we say is SHARE. INSPIRE. DISCUSS. 


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L'Union Suite

Blogsite that shares Haitian American culture through lifestyle, fashion, community involvement, latests news and celebrity of Haitian descent news.

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About L'Union Suite:


L’union ( Unity in French) Suite is a visual scrapbook of my Haitian culture, news, fashion and my music. I love pictures, I wish I could capture every moment of everything and relive it over and over again. Lunion Suite was created  in 2011 with a scrapbook layout  to serve as a daily culture, news, fashion and music picture blog for all the other young sophisticated Haitians of the world.



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