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Several concerned members of the Haitian-American community in Florida have started the Haitian American Leadership Organization, Inc., (HALO), as a non-profit organization with the goal of unifying and empowering the Haitian diaspora. 

We have noticed that a lot of our talents and resources are left in the shadows and unexploited. We are providing a platform for our thought leaders and experts from all academic, professional, and technical backgrounds to network and to share their knowledge with our community. 

We believe that by promoting networking and unity we will be in a better position to help our local community and Haiti. In an attempt to remedy this significant shortcoming, we decided to start with two community projects. ( Source: Haitian American Leadership Organizations About )



HALO Founding Members

Thedy Brezault, Vice President
Beatrice Cazeau, Esq., Executive Director
Bernard Eugene, MSCM, MURP, Treasurer
Angelo Gousse, MD, President
Herold Merisier, MD, Secretary General

HALO Executive Board

Angelo M. Gousse, MD

Executive Director
Beatrice Cazeau, Esq.

Secretary General
Herold Merisier, MD

Thedy Brezault

Public Relations
Josette Cantave
Marie-May Gousse
Gerard Philippeaux

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