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The Story of Cholera

A short animated film produced by the Global Health Media Projecthttp://globalhealthmedia.org in collaboration with Yoni Goodman http://yonigoodman.com. This film makes visible the invisible cholera germs as a young boy shows how to help the sick and guides his village in preventing the spread of cholera. 


Students Rebuild: A Story of Youth in Action

The earthquake took many things away from Diandine Emile, but it did not take away her dream for a better future. This short documentary profiles Diandine: a High School Senior in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as she and her classmates participate in Students Rebuild, a series of videoconferences connecting students in Haiti with their peers in the U.S. and Canada.


The goal of the conferences: to learn about each others cultures and motivate fundraisers to help rebuild Haitian schools. Through Diandine's experience, viewers will see how these connections and the actions they inspired, are impacting the lives of all of the students involved in the project.

LA DESSALINIENNE (New Version of Haiti National Anthem) by Jonathan Laurince(Official Music Video)

The National Anthem of Haiti was written not in the year of Haiti independence which is 1804. La Dessalinienne was written 100 years later, in 1903 to celebrate the country's 100 years of independence. The words were written by Justin Lherisson and the music, by Fabre Nicholas Geffrard and was named after the leader of the Haiti revolution, Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Source


2014 Zakafest African-Haitian Dance Workshop by Mano Merisier

Youth from North Miami Senior High School enjoy a African - Haitian Dance Workshop at the 2014 Zakafest. It was held on May 3rd, 2014 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. World renowned Haitian dancer Mano Merisier led the Workshop and singing done by Ms. Kettlie Cajoux (forner band singer with Ram 11 yrs) and Rara Lakay playing the Tanbou.


Where we share Haitian Roots, Oral Traditional History, and Folklore. Source

Big Sister, Little Sister (a story of unconditional love)

With just a few words, four-and-a-half year old authoress Reanna and her father Yanatha express the deep love that is felt between sisters in her first book titled, Big Sister, Little Sister, which has recently reached number # 1 on Amazon's Hot New Release list. Big Sister, Little Sister is a "cute and relatable story" as Liz, an Amazon.com reviewer described. From the opening lines, "Big Sister, Little Sister finally together," to the very last page, "Big Sisters, Little Sisters best friends for life," this amazing adventure in the universal story of the enduring love between sisters is captured for all to enjoy. Source


Cute 2yrd old sing Jesus loves me




Get your copy of this great book written by a young little Haitian American girl named Reanna Desouvre and Co-Authored by her daddy, Yanatha Desouvre .

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