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Haiti - An island with over ten million inhabitants that shares the hilly terrain with the Dominican Republic. Let's learn more about Haiti together HAY Online!
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Haiti Visuelle

Facebook page that shares Haitian culture through imagery. You get to see

Haiti through your eyes.

Courtesy of Haiti Visuelle, Artwork by Yvon Augustin


About Haiti Visuelle:


Haiti Visuelle is about Haitian, art, cuisine, music, design and fashion, – emphasizing on visual concepts and ideas. Haiti Visuelle will not take any credits of the artistic but to promote Haiti elegance arts .
Visualize Haiti , Visualize our culture 


Facebook Page

The Real Haiti

Diana Pierre-Louis is a blan trying to share the positive image about Haiti.

Courtesy of The Real Haiti


About The Real Haiti:


"I'm a blan trying to reshape Haiti's image by showing THE REAL HAITI! Se La Pou'w La | Experience It! I came up with #Haiti's slogan! 


She stays at the hotels and travels the countryside to then share her experience via her blog.




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Goshen Haiti



Bito David

A Haitian poet and educator who has given us permission to share his poetry about Haiti.

Courtesy of Bito David


About Bito David:


Bito David is a Haitian Agriculture Engineer, Educator, Writer/Poet/Essayist who works for The School District of West Palm Beach.



Haitian Heritage Museum

First of its kind in the US devoted to Haitian heritage located in Miami, Florida.

From Haitian Heritage Museum Facebook Page


About Haitian Heritage Museum:


The Haitian Heritage Museum (HHM) is a not for profit organization that is committed to highlighting and preserving Haiti's rich culture and heritage globally. Through education, digitizing, archiving, media and culturally relevant partnership, we will create a legacy for future generations.   


Facebook Page

Haitian Culture Online: Rara

Where we share what is readily found through all forms of Media. 

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