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HAY Aspire to Be Great


HAY Aspire to Make a Difference


HAY Aspire to Reinforce Haiti with Professional Pursuits


HAY Aspire to Rebuild a Country to In turn build a Future


HAY Aspire to Keep the Youth’s Mind on Haiti


Haitian American Youth Online, Inc is delighted to offer a $500 HAY Online Aspire Scholarship Award to a deserving Haitian American youth making an impact in their community. We are looking for that youth who loves their community, culture, and demonstrates HAY Online Aspire qualities. The deadline to have all information in for consideration of this scholarship awarded to one lucky recipient is March 15, 2016. The Award notification will be made April 1st of each award year. Along with the award a representative from Haitian American Youth Online, Inc will be joining you and two guests to dinner or a party in the recipients honor. There will also be a HAY Online Aspire Awards Gala in May 2016 that will showcase a video montage with the recipient’s likeness (permissions through a release required for consideration as well). 


HAY Online Aspire Qualities:


Community Service (100 or more Senior Year)


Haitian Culture Awareness


Demonstrates a Passion to Rebuild Haiti


Examples Acceptable To Show HAY Online Aspire Qualitites


Community Service:


In senior year 100 hours depicted on Service Hours Sheet that is signed by respective school administration. Or a signed letter from community service partner you did the hours at. It must be on their letter head with contact information to verify.


Haitian Culture Awareness:


Within the five hundred words essay all applicants must submit along with all documents for consideration, there must include a brief synopsis of Haitian history. Example can be a few sentences stating when Haiti received its independence? What French ruler went after Toussaint L’Ouverture? What are the names of the famous Heroes of Haiti’s revolution? What side did Toussaint first fight for? You get the idea? It must be creative, the brief story and show true facts. Also reference the website info was taken from by entering it (I.e. http:www... under a section labeled, References) references


Demonstrate a Passion to Rebuild Haiti:


On a separate sheet of paper explain how you would help rebuild Haiti. This is a free writing portion where you can demonstrate why you want to help Haiti, how you would propose to help, and what you feel will be the answer long term to help Haiti. You have three hundred words limit for this free form essay.


Please Send All Information Requested To Be Considered For Scholarship Via Mail or Scanned Documents Sent Via Email


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