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Hi, I am Ms. Fab of Girl Talk with Ms. Fab (GTMF)

Mentor & Collaborator

Ms. Fab is a Haitian Bahamian woman who has the role of Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, TV Host, Mistress of Ceremony, Innovator and more. She is amazing and has a mission to foster open dialogue among young ladies and their most important life coach, their mother.

Jay, Haitian Editor-In-Chief of La Beaute Magazine

Mentor & Investor In Youth Institutions

Jay of La Beaute, is the ultimate Marine and gentleman. Father of three beautiful daughters, honorable husband to a supportive wife, and one who shares a passion to inspire inner greatness in others. He is on a mission to share inspiring stories from individuals from all over the world. His service to country as a Marine and one who protects the Marine's brand as it pertains to it's branding that deals with intellectual property. He is a great mentor and assists many in their pursuit of legitimate non-profits that help the world be a better place. His knowledge and background makes us confident any one needing advice on intellectual property protection, non-profit formation and such will be in good hands. We salute all servicemen as we always do you, Jay. 

Hi, I am Myrlande E. Sauveur

Haitian Author, Entrepreneur(Zoepreneur) HAY Online Collaborator, and Mentor


Myrlande E. Sauveur is a two-time-award-winning, Bestselling author, the 2013 Grand Prize Winner of 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading contest hosts by the Authors Show.  

Myrlande's passion is to teach people how to live a well-balanced life and motivate young people to express  their feelings through writing. 

In Addition to being an author, Myrlande holds an MBA from Strayer University in Business Management. She has been operating her own online retail and consulting business for over 8 years.  She is a youth counselor, and health and wellness consultant. 

She speaks to churches, youth groups, women/men's organizations about how to live a healthy life spiritually, physically and financially..

Hi I am Steve Barrow of Barbados an IT Guy by Trade and Host of Round Table with Steve

IT Professional, Host of Round Table with Steve, Founder of Your Biz to Mine, Mentor

Steve Barrow is a man to know and go to for business advise, especially on sales. He will tell you, "Never underprice yourself. The first to speak after the offer is presented by you, looses." We are so assured by his continual guidance that anyone who needs that insight into what may have or did go wrong in a deal is him. We are proud to learn of Round Table with Steve and look forward to years of collaboration. 

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