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Hip Hop Saves Lives(HHSL) Is a non-profit organization. HHSL's mission is to re-instate the original purpose of Hip Hop which is PEACE LOVE UNITY AND HAVIN' FUN. We do this by creating songs and videos celebrating everything beautiful about life with a special focus on writing songs to celebrate the work of everyday heroes from around the globe. Our songs take the amazing work and mission of people, celebrate them and share it with the world. 

We have a youth program called KIDS HELPING KIDS; A HIP HOP EXPERIENCE. that launched Jan 5th 2012. Here we teach humanity through hip hop. We partner in this program with Negus World. We teach in NYC schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn as well as homeless teens in Manhattan, incarcerated teens in Queens and teen on probation in Harlem. The youth make music and videos about the heroes, then we send it to the heroes as a gift. We call this our random act of kindness for the week. The youths music is sold at the end of the semester and the proceeds support clean water and school lunches in Africa and Haiti. ( Source: Hip Hop Saves Lives About on FB )


Follow this great movement that a Haitian American Giant put us onto: Hip Hop Saves Lives is what you type in the Facebook Search Bar.


Man, even Google them and Kid's Helping Kids. This is such a great movement.

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