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We, the students of the Florida International University, aspiring to cultivate the unification of students of Haitian descent, aim to establish an organization of such students. This organization intends to provide a strong base and community for those of Haitian descent as well as those interested in the Haitian culture; We look to promote not only social but self awareness amongst those students of Haitian descent; assist in bringing to light the historical and present day accomplishments of Haitian people from around the world; and the full immersion of our constituents in support of FIU within and throughout FIU Community. Thus, we do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution of the Haitian Student Organization of the Florida International University. (Source: Their Facebook - Click on Their Logo to go there)

Savor the Moments by Yanatha Desouvre

Savor the Moments(Audio Book) by Yanatha Desouvre, Haitian Author and Inventor of Proud to be Haitian App available on iTunes. The audio book is available on Amazon.

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La Beaute Magazine 

Many people are trying to do great things yet receive no recognition. Our concept is to reverse this trend. Our vision is to motivate others by showcasing the inner beauty in all of us.

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