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Jay Rony is Editor and Chief of La Beaute Magazine, a HAY Online Media Partner. We make it a point to reach out to those with a certain way about them. From day one, Jay has demonstrated great qualities of a mentor. He listens more than he speaks, letting one tell what is fully a mess and then gives you straight, clear and direct advice. He is a man many young men and women can turn to and learn about the discipline it takes to serve in any "Armed Forces". Need to know about intellectual property protection since that is one area of expertise among many he brings to the table as a HAY Online Mentor. 


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Reach out to Jay Rony at the many spots we share to connect with him. Let him know what makes you great and you just may get a spot in the next issue of La Beaute (The Beauty) Magazine. He is a International Marketing expert who is so ambitious in learning, the man is still tackling degrees. He is such the over acheiver as many "Giants" are. He is a man of conviction who does not judge and lets you be you as you are guided to better through watching his walk and his talk. We are very fortunate to have him, Myrlande E. Sauveur and Ms. Fab as mentors. 

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