Mental Health

Something not readily admitted by many nor addressed the way it should be in the Haitian community. Many are made to feel austracized for coming out about depression, suicide, and other mental disorders they may battle with in silence. Well, here on Haitian American Youth Online we will talk about it. We must let those suffering in silence know it is okay and no one here will judge, just offer ways to cope and overcome together. Stronger minds through kinder hearts. Treat one the way you want to be treated if it were you dealing with a mental disorder. 

Life Rebuilding

Do you “believe” in the incredible healing potential of the human spirit? Or do you know it, deep down in your bones?
For me, the healing power of transformation and therapy is something I can never take for granted; it is something I know inside and out; something that is as real to me as the rising of the sun in the morning.

I have always considered myself a human being first, and therapist second. My story is only one among the many millions of human stories out there, each one unique and beautiful. And yet, since it is my own story, the one I know most intimately, it’s the one I share with others here. Life Rebuilding Website

Literature In Focus

Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships. Do you feel broken or lost? Are you trapped by fear, loneliness, and heartache, but unable to see a way out? Are you unhappy in your relationships, and without a solution to make things right? If you are searching for an answer to all of your struggles, Vladimire Calixte’s, Naked & Transparent: The Six Vital Tools to Knowing Yourself & Attracting What You Want in Relationships can help.......


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Three Tips for a Healthy Self-Esteem



Vladimire Calixte, your empowerment therapist provides three tips for a healthy self-esteem. 1) Positive self talk; 2) Celebrate your qualities and 3) Find your passion.

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