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Nemours Jean Baptiste is a man we are just learning about here at HAY Online, and the Google searh was very fruitful with a website the family put online that shares much about Mr. Jean Baptiste, the Grandfather of Haitan Compas Music. Compas Direct to be exact. We are busy learning from our Haitian music culture partner Haitian All-StarZ about the music of our parents home land. Such a rich history.


Exceprt from Family created Official Nemours Jean Baptiste website:


"Another attractive future of Nemours’ public image was his profuse creativity.  At the peak of his career, he pampered his public regularly with a new composition.  Almost every Saturday, his fans were waiting for him at Rex Théatre and  they were never dissappointed either by the content and or the form.  The Haitian ladies, regularly the object of satire by the musicians, were Nemours’ favorites.   There were hits such as “aprann renmen”, “rob antrav”, “Solange” not to cite others.  As for the “Compas”, his dear child that he brought to live, he never ceased to predict its success and longevity.  Hits such as :  “Universal Compas”, “Vivre Compas”, “La Joie de Vivre” provide proof.  For Nemours, the key to this success or longevity is to keep the rhythm or cadence as simple as possible."


Too bad he passed in 1985 because with the insurgence of Haitian culture everything on the web, it would have been great to get a live interview with a legend. Yet, when you search him online so much comes up.

Nemours Jean Baptiste Photo from Official Website

From The Official Website of Nemours Jean Baptiste

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