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Where we look online, social media platforms, and just ask around about who is popping in the Haitian community in the US. We want to share those who are all over and doing the right things to last online. HAY, relevance is everything!

HAY Online Search is where the youth can learn about the many online media from the Haitian community we can search for as we learn of them. Why not if online check out what is there we can learn from about Haiti and the resorces that can possibly help us become greater? 


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Main Categories

Haitian Culture

Where we search the web like our target and share what ever is relevant about Haitian culture we can easily find or those we see doing the right things to eventually be found easily in a search engine query about Haitian culture. Where are you? What are you doing to position well for the youth born here to find you?​



Sharing those in the Haitian community who have been providing great service in the entertainment realm in any form. Especially when they are easily found online in many relevant places.


Haitian American Culture

We share all the Up and Coming platforms along with established ones that are positioning themselve well online with practices that help them build good online presence. Always monitoring and updating to remove and add new online portals to learn and socialize with others of your demographic of all stations in life and career.



Where we share the Haitian American motivational speakers representing and presenting well online.

We love those gems who shine anywhere and would love many to know of them to book for their next engagement.


Haitian Cuisine

Sharing the delicious food of Haitian cuisine and those online presenting well for it. We like beautiful websites, especially those with great online presence.


Non Profit Organizations

This area we check thoroughly and make sure one is within its 27 month grace period for filing a 501 C 3 of they have existing rights to function as one with current up-to-date status.

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