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Man, oh man, do we just love to be inspired to do greater. Yep, here we share Haitian and Haitian American Motivational Speakers and Personalities that are making a difference in this world through their professions, humanitarian work and pursuits to help others succeed surpass them. We want to "Foster the Treatment We Want to See" starting with sharing these great individuals. As we learn, we will always share because one relates more to a person with the same background but a open mind.

Hi I'm Myrlande

Myrlande is an accomplished author with an award winning book to boot. She is Haiti born and US raised from her teens years beyond. She has overcome many obstacles and uses those experiences to reach out to troubled teens and motivate through speaking engagements about faith, youth initiatives and community awareness on many topics. HAY Online recently learned of all her endeavors and looks forward to sharing her work that motivates and inspires one to dig deeper into their faith in God as well as bettering themselves. Meet Myrlande on her Facebook Page, Click It!



Hi I'm Royale L'radin

Royale L'radin has embarked on a journey to motivate and inspire the masses by encouraging them to realize the importance of change, organized thinking, discipline, structure and daily routines that will bring those individuals one step closer to their goals and life purposes. 
He says, "I'm on a revolution to inspire with a purpose, on purpose." (From his Facebook page Royale L'radin About Section) Meet Royale!

Hi I'm Ms. Fab

Ms. Fab is so loved by many who truly understand the importance of our walk, talk and mannerisms need to be more conscience of those watching, namely ones daughter. She is a motivational speaker and personality known for her passion to open the lines of communication between Mothers and Daughters. This bond is one of her main central focus as she herself is a mother of two darling daughters, a young lady making her mark in the world of photography and a young princess learning from her fabulous mother all she needs to know about the world to navigate it superbly like her older sister is. We appreciate her focus on all youth and adults through her mission to empower others to be great and aware of what message you are sending. Meet her on Facebook at Girl Talk with Ms. Fab, Click It!

Hi I'm Yanatha Desouvre

Yanatha, as he aspires to inspire, believes there is endless potential in everyone with pursuing their dreams and accomplishing their goals in life. Yanatha has written five books and so far published two books of inspirational short stories and poetry entitled "Walk Through this Journey: Volume One." and his second book entitled" Walk Through this Journey: Volume Two (The Next Step Forward)”, available now through www.authorhouse.com , www.amazon.comwww.barnesandnobles.com and at the Lynn University bookstore, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach Public Libraries. He also is the author of Savor the Moments, that is a collection of engaging and inspirational short stories. Meet Yanatha, Learn more about him. Clcik It!

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