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Miss Grand Haiti, Miss Lisa Drouillard

by Nancy F. of HAY Online Media

Ms. Lisa Drouillard is repp’in Haiti in the Miss Grand International pageant. She will be a contestant vying for the title of Miss Grand International. Now with her win as the crowned Miss Grand Haiti, she shall grace the stage in Thailand this October 7, 2014. It will be held in Bangkok at the indoor stadium, Huamark.

Mr. Nawat Itsararisil is the president of the Miss Grand International Organization. The pageant puts a focus on human rights with their, “Say No to Violence” campaign. Very nice unifying organization that we look forward to supporting Ms. Drouillard from our parent’s homeland come this October. “L’Union Fait La Force” take away is that we will always push to show greater in the face of adversity. Nothing comes to those who do not fight for it. Lisa Drouillard wins her title as Miss Grand Haiti and we shall pray for her win at Miss Grand International 2014.

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Photos of Miss Lisa Drouillard

Thank you for introducing us to a great young lady who is taking the charge to represent Haiti, Ms. Shekinah of Perfect Vision PR.

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