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Miss Grand Haiti, Miss Lisa Drouillard's Q and A with HAY Online

courtesy of Ms. Shekinah Monee

by Nancy F of HAY Online Media

Miss Lisa Drouillard is the first ever Miss Grand Haiti. What a great accomplishment to be proud of for her and Haiti. She will be entering the October 7, 2014 competition, Miss Grand International being held in Bangkok, Thailand at the indoor stadium Huamark.

The links below show all the places you can send warm well wishes and financial support so she can comfortably represent our mother's homeland.

HAY Online Questions and Answers with Miss Lisa Drouillard

HAY Online: What did you want to be when you were little, like five years old? Any age you started dreaming of what to be when grown up.

Miss Drouillard: I wanted to become a marine biologist and train killer whales.

HAY Online: Who was your mentor growing up?

Miss Drouillard: Naturally, my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother were my mentors.

HAY Online: At what age did you begin entering pageants?

Miss Drouillard: I was 14 years old when I first started competing.

HAY Online: What motivates you to be your best and push for greater?

Miss Drouillard: When I think about my future and the kind of life that I want to live. I know that it will not happen by hoping but by my actions and going after what I want.

HAY Online: Have you ever had moments you felt to quite on something you were working hard on?

Miss Drouillard: I have those moments a lot, especially in an industry as tough as this one.

HAY Online: How did you overcome that instance of self-doubt? Did you keep on or did you quit?

Miss Drouillard: I would take a break! When I felt like I was getting to the point of quitting I would just take a break from it all. The truth is, when you are truly passionate about something, quitting may come to thought but you will never bring yourself to it. Sometimes when you are too focused on something you lose focus, in my opinion just looking away from time to time gives you a clear sense of direction. Much like baseball player pitchers do. They focus on the batter to get a clear sense of direction, then they briefly look away before they throw the ball.

HAY Online: What would be your advice to a youth who wants to become a beauty pageant contestant?

Miss Drouillard: I would tell them to go for it and to truly embrace the transformation that they will see in themselves.

HAY Online: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Miss Drouillard: I see myself in Philanthropy as well continuing my modeling endeavors. Thankfully I do have a degree in Criminal Justice so if ever I decide to pursue Homeland security, I certainly will. Lastly, I plan on continuing on as a Public Speaker and Event Hostess.

HAY Online: Thank you Ms. Drouillard for your gracious time and we wish you the best in Thailand this October.

Miss Drouillard: Thank you immensely for your ongoing support!

Learn more about Ms. Lisa Drouillard and the Miss Grand International pageant at:

Email missgrandhaiti@gmail.com



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Special thanks to Ms. Judith Jacques for the great opportunity to interview Miss Drouillard for the above Questions and Answers.

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