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Learning About Militant Barbie

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by Nancy Francois of HAY Online Media

A few weeks ago I was on a new blog partners website called Cornbread and Cremasse and learned of a young writer called Annabella Jean-Laurent. She is the writer of the blog site here on Tumblr called Militant Barbie. What makes her really peak our interest of course with us being Haitian American Youth Online Media was she is just that, a Haitian American youth and Online with this great form of media.

A blog is a great way to get your opinions, hopes, concerns and causes across to a reading public. Really loved her piece on her retrospect view and current evaluation of her Haitian American Identity. It was a great read, From the Outside In: Defining My Haitian American Identity on Cornbread and Cremasse which is also writen by another Haitian American writer who started her blog to explore how first generation Haitian Americans raise their children in America. It also gives all sects of the Haitian community a chance to share things relevant to the Haitian American experience in America. From culture clashes to Haitian cuisine blogs one can get a whole gamut of introspect on being Haitian American from so many differing angles.

We just had to share this amazing young lady who has had her articles featured on Atlanta Magazine Daily Blog. Look forward to seeing her articles in more publications and learn of the many she may already be in. I know I will Google her, Militant Barbie.

Follow her on Facebook: Militant Barbie on Facebook

Follow her on Tumblr: Militant Barbie on Tumblr

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