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Royale L'radin, Haitian American Poet Making His Mark

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"Who Is Royale L'radin?" Royale L'radin is a scholar of Spoken word/Poetry, Motivational/Public Speaker, Life Coach, Philosopher, Mentor for young Kings and Queens, Founder of DÉRAPÉ PRODUCTIONS LLC, Co-Producer of SOUL BLISS, board member of BROCKTON ARTS and PARENT MAGAZINE. Royale L'radin has embarked on a journey to motivate and inspire the masses by encouraging them to realize the importance of change, organized thinking, discipline, structure and daily routines that will bring those individuals one step closer to their goals and life purposes. He says, "I'm on a revolution to inspire with a purpose, on purpose." www.facebook.com/royalelradin www.twitter.com/royalelradin Instagram: @RoyaleLradin

Source: Royale L'radin's Facebook

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