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Business Name Search, "Google It"

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by Nancy Francois of HAY Online Media

HAY Online Media Business Blog Entry : Business Name

Google Your Business Name Choice

Do not just pick one out the thin air and run with it. This move can hurt you in the end. Why?

Yes, many use to pick names that meant something and use it to do business. Yet what if that name was being used by another business? You would realize immediately there will be competition due to name recognition.

The company there first with that name has built a reputation and brand that is recognized by a target group. So you come in with a handicap and must fight against brand confusion which means a continual focus on distinguishing your brand until enough of your target market knows of you. Why all this when you already started your company on a budget?

Do a Google search, see who is using the name.

Where else is the brand mentioned ( url seen online, name in a text description or comment, or posts with proper SEO implemented telling search engines on back end where you are)?

How is it being mentioned? (Meaning is it only on one social media platform like just posting on Facebook sharing company name when more platforms sharing your info boosts your online positioning in search results).

Literally, make people share your business name some how. So if 20,000 followers and only 2% are sharing posts with business name or url, then this ranking factor will hurt it. This is why you must post things people more likely will share once they start following you. This helps in your online mentions. Hope this tid bit clears something up for you and if you need more explicit details, hit me up on HAY OnlineMedia Business Blog.

Sign up for our HAY Online Media Business Blog you will find above or below under Business menu. Get your questions answered more in depth. Been in a registered business less than 24 months? We can give you a soft search of your SEO when requested and give you valuable insight into improving your online presence. Just write business name as it appears on articles filed with your respective state. Once verified, we will note your account and provide your one free soft search consultation on your brands online presence.

Have a productive day!

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