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Haitian Children's Book Review Online: Anayiz Ap Apran Istwa Ayiti (English: Anayiz Is Learning Hait

Anayiz Ap Apran Istwa Ayiti

HAY Online Media Children's Books in Focus Where we share the books online we find geared to children.

Anayiz Ap Apran Istwa Ayiti (English: Anayiz Is Learning Haitian History) by Maude Heurtelouis is a great book for parents to read with children born outside of Haiti, like the United States.

Teaching Creole and Haitian History a Haitian American child can easily grasp. A great way to promote, parent and child bonding and leaning a second language at same time.

Eat, breathe and sleep Haitian culture so your kids will embrace it more. Let's elevate our youth while teaching them their Haitian culture.

Great way for anyone to start learning Creole with a translator. As per The Real Haiti Shop page, this book is in Haitian Creole. It is also recommended for kids between 3 to 5 years of age. Enjoy this and many others you can purchase right now. Get his great book for $8.50. Wonderful stocking stuffer or add two more books to make a nice bundle as a Christmas gift.

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