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Leanna Archer, Young Haitian American Entrepreneur - Zoepreneur

Leanna Archer, Young Haitian American Entrepreneur - Zoepreneur

by Nancy F of HAY Online Media

Wow amazing to just learn about Leanna Archer. Very impressive and a name many should know a bit more than the web shows. What a gem. Look at what parental support can produce. Why can't the community just share gems like her and all those who have been there? We are proud of her and as many brilliant minds we have in the Haitian American community, why are not parents shared this on all Haitian radio? All the cliques, elitist and all hiring her to speak at their engagements in droves? If so why are they not sharing someone so buzz worthy? When pictured with one in the profession of media, why is it they too are not continually on a #TBT or #SBS (Small Business Saturday) re-sahring her videos? Well, just a question and eye opener to how even with so much national coverage, many just peddle their agenda whether not catching quickly as her story. She would garner way more YouTube views, way more Google searches and create a great buzz many youth would easily find. We must do better to truly support those who, man(SMH) worked the circuit better than many self proclaimed Public Speakers and Haitian community celebrities who have little to no searches or traffic online. I said my piece as HAY Online is working to learn and share with a group many ignore or do not use enough, yet look to for support with their organizations initiatives. Shoot some supported sometimes do not see to their three year mark. We need to support more, these youth who are like this amazing do-it-yourself with family support marketring and promotion mavens.

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Photo Credit/Source: La Revista Empresarial

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