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Young Shrimp and Emmanuel Joseph, Young Haitian Bahamian/American Comedians Many Should Know

Young Shrimp and Emmanuel Joseph, Young HaitianBahamian/American Comedians Many Should Know

by Nancy F of HAY Online Media

Young Shrimp whom I learned of just the week of Thanksgiving was a breathe of fresh air. To see young minds just "Get It" while many still peddle the same mess. Mess in creating buzz for many things that just do not move after a while. Why is it I who searches is also having a hard time finding many online? Answer is many over look and share things not yet notewirthy while youth like these grow up and move on. Well so do their wallets to their struggle, not Haiti's struggle. I do not know yet for these two, but I know for those I poll and research. We need to do better and help those we see with potential just shine even if not your comedic friend you want to put on. So Young Shrimp, the whole crew like Emmanuel Joseph, Dubley A and many more we are still learning of great job. We salute you and look forward to sharing you more and watching you guys get better and better. Already know the next turn of events in a predictable community, but hey if it helps eyes who can help find them then worth it. We are only here to share, not compete with elitist agendas, marketing propaganda or all else so sad in a community that wants respect.

Our youth here need to be strengthen in all their pursuits if they show the tenacity and know how like these youth. Shoot you have older people in their profession of same descent who still play with their online diversity and to see these kids "On It" with little support but their immediate circle is why HAY is here.

Young Shrimp Haitian American Youth Comedian and Emmanuel Joseph Haitian America

Photo Credit/Source: Young Shrimp's Facebook

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