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Manno Charlemagne, Wow Never Knew

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by Nancy Frrancois

Manno Charlemagne is from all I am now learning a legend. He was banned at one point from performing and so much he endured led him to become a politician. Learn as much as you can Haitian American Youth Online and be open to embracing "Everything Haitian".

Keep what fits and let go of what does not. Do not let anyone within "The Community" ever intimidate you because you want to learn. Gravitate to those who are more receptive like Zakafest founder, Coach Peter who can be found at this years Zakafest. Stay tuned and feel free to email Fondasyon Zaka for pointers where to look for great information about Haitian folk culture. We will share from time to time on our many easy to find social media and on the web platforms.

Have a great day searching your Haitian history HAY!

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