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A Message from Sovereign Haiti Initiative Nation's Civic Excursion

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A message from: Sovereign Haiti Initiative

S.H.I COMMUNIQUE: Already we are preparing the next "civic" excursion to the black pearl "liberty" nation, mother Haiti - ayibobo!

* This excursion we will have some US local artists coming along.

We will be engaging these US local black youth Hip-Hop and Rap artist-guests in a mini-tour performing for Haitian youths in areas we will pilgrimage to during the humbling civic excursion.

One place in particular "Cite Soleil" is a highly impoverished area most even within Haiti and/or in the world Haitian diaspora which have socially, politically, and economically neglected, ignored, stigmatized, and infamously condemned by those with bourgeois-elitist mentalities.

Cite Soleil is a densely mass populace populated area being whored by local Haitian organizations, exploited by foreign missionary and religious NGOs who are raping children, women, and introducing homosexuality to the men.

This known area already being held under-siege and/or hostage while constantly being harassed by a blatant occupying force namely the UN MINUSTAHS in Haiti whim have total disregard or no regard for the lives of these local youths there known for their brave revolutionary resistance stances on many issues in Haiti.

There is this constant neglect by the very own Haitian government itself feeling threatened by this particular area because it may very well be a major Aristide-supporter stronghold.

__Lastly, the area has nothing to prove for the mass influx of international or Haitian politicians always using the people for their own gains...

Enough is enough!

S.H.I NATION (404) 482-1622 SovereignTravelsInitiative@gmail.com

P.S: At this point, any local US-artists interested to take part in this "civic" excursion inquiring about cost and more... do not hesitate to reach us.

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