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Reforesting Haiti One Child At A Time: Goshen Haiti

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by Nancy Francois

This image is everything! We love the kids of course, but this picture is saying a lot. Goshen is a farm in Haiti we refer to as Goshen Haiti Farm here at HAY. Just seeing how this initiative there managed by Louinel Jean and his trusty young Ambassador Carine Jean is amazing. We want to say thank you to all who are responsible for such a great example of what the youth are doing to make sustainable changes that do not have Haiti asking for a handout but instead showing how the future of Haiti is doing their part now to help themselves. Many adults in Haiti and all over the world can take away from this image many things, but what we hope they all do is see how just a seed planted and watered with care bears fruit a nation can survive on. Our youth are our everything and more focus needs to be put on them as Goshen Haiti Farm is doing here in the picture above.

Thank You Louinel Jean, Carine and all behind the movement seeding change through the youth!

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