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Haitian American Culture: HAY Black History Month - Fredrick Douglass Lecture on Haiti

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by Nancy Francois

We are here to help those many are not paying attention to for one reason or another. We like to equal out the playing field behind the scenes.

We are building stronger children who know they will get real, impactful help to flourish how ever they choose. Their support system we provide in varying areas lies within the quote by Fredrick Douglass about: "It is easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men."

This is our sentiment as well and why we focus on the youth and help those supporting them directly or indirectly do better online. Many may take our methods a way and that is fine. We are not here to please others, just give help where it is needed.

Please learn more about Fredrick Douglass we all were taught about in school. He was a Ambassador to Haiti and spoke with reference to our parents homeland. Haitian blood runs in our veins and this is why we are "Giants" as we say here at HAY along with many descriptive terms.

Never let a hater tell you different. I, Nancy F, never did and never can with all I learned growing up in text at the library that was not shared in our textbooks. We are the "Bomb", period. The proof is out there.

Love You Culture HAY!

Haitian American Culture that is.

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