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HAY Online Q & A with Shaq Dup, Haitian American Artist & Producer

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HAY Online Media

by Nancy Francois

Haitian American Youth Online and Shaq Dup, Haitian American Hip Hop Artist & Producer

Question & Answers

HAY Online: What is it that you do Shaq?

Shaq:I am a young entrepreneur that works with a non profit organization called "Hip Hop Saves Lives". We create humanitarians through Hip-Hop, and we do this by teaching humanity through hip-hop. I am also the In-House Producer for our youth program, titled "Kids Helping Kids" (KHK). I produce Instrumentals for their songs. When we have enough songs to create an album, we make several copies and we start fundraisers. 100% of the proceeds raised, fund schools in Haiti in support of school Lunches, clean water, and education. To me, music is a way of sharing your feelings and thoughts on things that happen in your daily life. KHK has agreed to join a Neon Arts Project that was funded by Carnegie Hall. We have recorded with 6 old school Hip-Hop Artists, including Greg Nice, Sadat X, Keith Murray, Mr.Cheeks, Smif N' Wessun, and Melle Mel. As a hobby I am also a hip-hop artist and studio sound engineer. I write positive and inspirational lyrics for my songs, then I edit, enhance the sound, and the song in order to clarify and make each song enjoyable to listen to.

HAY Online: How old are you?

Shaq: As of 2015 I am currently 18 years old, until October 7th.

HAY Online: Are you in school or learning a trade? Sum up all you do in as few as four to five sentences if you need that much?

Shaq: I currently attend Medgar Evers College and I am studying Business and Entrepreneurship. I plan on getting my Doctorate Degree in the Business and Entrepreneurship field. I will then be known as Dr.Shaq Dup. I plan to study Music Production after I have completed my time in learning Business And Entrepreneurship.

HAY Online: We have a word we coined, Zoepreneur, what do you think this word stands for? What meaning does it have for you as a black man and a Haitian American youth? Just Google it and you will find its meaning.

Shaq: I think that The Word Zoepreneur means "A Successful Haitian Entrepreneur". The meaning that this word has for me as a black man and a Haitian American Youth is that, as a Zoepreneur I must do what my Ancestors wanted to do. It is my duty to fulfill their dreams and to make them proud.

HAY Online: Who is your inspiration?

Shaq: My inspiration is my Family. They inspire me to pursue my dreams in music.They support me 100%. I love to make my Family proud.

HAY Online: Who motivates you?

Shaq: My motivation is Chad Harper (CEO Of Hip Hop Saves Lives). He encourages and aids me in becoming the greatest musician. He has taught me that words have power. He tells me if I tell myself that "I Am The Greatest", very soon I shall become The Greatest.

HAY Online: What are your goals?

Shaq: My goals are to be successful in all that I do. Successful in entrepreneurship, music production, inspiring others through my lyrics, and last but not least winning a Grammy Award.

HAY Online: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Shaq: Five years from now, I see myself owning my very own Studio and a Business Permit so I am able to run my business in music.

HAY Online: Tell us the “Real Meat and Potato’s” about an obstacle you had and how you overcame it? We want to encourage the youth to be bold and overcome “Self-Doubt”. So what happened? How did you get through it?

Shaq: Every successor goes through struggles and obstacles in Life. From my personal experience, many people that know of my music and my goals have told me that I'll never make it.They even told me that my Lyrics aren't good at all. As a result, so many times I wanted to quit making and producing music. These people were the exact opposite of motivators and supporters. I then realized if I quit, that means that I'll just do what they want me to do. In order to continue making music as I do today, was that, I Ignored those people. Their opinions no longer had an effect on me. The only opinions that matter are opinions from supporters. Everyone has haters in Life, and those people will do anything to push you away from your Goals. But as successors, we must ignore negative energy and allow positive energy to motivate us.

HAY Online: What is the one piece of advice you would give another youth looking up to you and wants to be a producer who is an artist too?

Shaq: The one piece of advice that I would give to another youth that is looking up to me and wants to be a producer/artist, is to stay positive, and to steer away from all negativity in order to stay on the right path to success. Also if you need help and you are afraid to ask how to use a music production program, you can look for tutorials about your program online. Also be grateful for all supporters and ignore all people that try to put you down and you will be a great successor in life.

Thank you for the Q & A Shaq Dup, HAY, check your boy.

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