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Shaq Dup, Haitian American on the rise Hip Hop Artist, Producer & Humanitarian

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Shaq Dup, Haitian American Hip Hop Artist, Producer & Humanitarian

He is part of "Hip Hop Saves Lives" and mentors other youth in a program called, "Kids Helping Kids."

He has a clothing line, he does photography, produces beats, writes music, mentors the youth among other things an 18 year old does.

Link up with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud all under the handle @ShaqDup.

This young man as many we meet online and in the street embodies what it means to be Zoepreneur, it's in our blood. Zoe blood.

Support our amazing youth. Our tomorrow is looking pretty good if you asked me.

Check your boy out!

We see him getting a Grammy Award. Yup!

Be your best Haitian American Youth Online in all that you do. We'll support you.

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