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Haitian American Youth Online In Focus: Max Nine-Oh Maxamillian

Max Nine-Oh Maxamillian

Max Maxamillian Louben

Born and raised in the City of Ft. Lauderdale on October 7, 1991, Max experienced much his young years.

Ever since the arrest of his father, Max has moved from home to home, city to city in attempts to find a stable environment. But even then could not escape the streets of Broward and had no choice but to adapt to the well-known ghettos of Lauderhill.

“I started making music at seventeen and started to take it seriously at nineteen, ever since then it’s been history. Thanks to the friends God has blessed me with I can never fail and they are the reason I started rapping. With them in my heart I can’t fail, it’s NineOh24eva.

Can’t Nobody Do It Betta.” – Max NineOh 90$Baby4Eva #NO24


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