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Itz Cat Darius aka Catarina : Haitian Youth In Focus on HAY Online

Catarina Darius of Team Tet Chaje Int

Hi my name is Carine Darius aka Catarina aka Itz Cat Darius on Facebook. I was born on the 29th of November 1994. I love to sing and dance. I play sports such as Netball and Volleyball. I am currently attending college at Dominica State College in Rosseau, Dominica. I am majoring in Sociology and French for the time being. I love to interact with people. Lol, lol I wanna do so much things I'm not yet sure lol what I truly want to do in the future. Right now I want to just finish school.

Some Neat Facts:

Dominica State College is in Rosseau, Dominica

Many Haitians are in school there and live in Dominica.

Go to this page on Facebook to learn >>Things to do in Roseau, Dominica.

Catarina ft. Mr.walley - Secret Love Official video 2014

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