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A Passionate Young Man: Walley TheRapper

It was a calm Tuesday afternoon. We were each on a side of the Caribbean plate. He was in Dominica while was in the USVI. We were so far apart yet thanks to technology we were able to communicate face to face. As a result I had a successful and fruitful interview with Walson Sylla.

Walson Sylla, also known as Wally The Rapper, is a Haitian singer. He started to sing when he was 15, and now he’s 19 years old. Apart from singing, Wally considers himself to be a hardworking young man. The activities he does include plumbing and mechanic. He also studied accounting. However music is his first and biggest passion.

“Why music,” I asked. “That’s a good question,” he said, as he looked away, diving in some deep thoughts. He finds that music is the best way for him to express his feelings, to share thoughts and ideas that he wouldn’t confide in no one. For him, music is the best medium to communicate with the youth, to encourage them to do what is right. Via his music, he is giving back to his community by sharing some positive messages.

Since life is a constant battle, Wally’s biggest hardship in music is to challenge himself. He always realizes that his best is not enough. He wants to keep challenging himself to get the most out of anything he’s doing, especially in music. As he spoke, he licked his lips from time to time. He also raise his eyebrows and slightly bend his head side to side. Artists usually make these gestures while rapping. Maybe these movements are being incorporated in his speech because rapping has become a second nature.

Wally “just love rapping,” but he is also interested in playing instruments. However, he claims that he is not too good at them. His favorite is the piano, which he started to learn to play. Unfortunately he could not continue taking piano lessons due to a lack of time- managing work, school and his career as a musician. However, he does not want to give up on that dream. As he mentioned it, he looked down then rub his left eye.

As all artists have some source of inspiration, Wally’s first source of inspiration is the Almighty God. When he wakes up in the morning, after praying and looking at his surroundings, he usually get new ideas and thoughts that he adds some rhythm to. “Any little thing, thoughts, feelings, imagination, inspires me.” “Nightmares can’t stop me from dreaming, so confidently working into my career like there is nothing to fear,” is one of the quotes he lives by. Wally is very determined; he will not give up on his dreams, no matter what happens. Music, especially rapping, is his passion, and he is ready to follow this dream at any cost.

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