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Learning About The Giants of Compas Music

Haitian Music Culture: Compas

Since much for one reason or another is not readily shared with us on our culture, at HAY Online, we go and seek on our own the way one today would, "Google it baby!"

Yes, I personally am not really a fan of the genre. Do not get me wrong, it is okay for it to be played for a bit, but for me to be into it hour upon end is not my cup of tea. Now Haitian All-StarZ, they can get me krunk via their well done mixes, such as Kompa in The Klub .

Haitian All-StarZ Kompa In The Klub by DeeJay Dacse

Learning through Jeff, the founder of Haitian All-StarZ, much about Compas I really would not have delved into much if not for our collaborative union to spread talent and Haitian culture over the web where it can be enjoyed by the masses.

First "Giant" learned of was Nemours Jean Baptiste and his being revered the Grandfather of Compas. His performances of it all over the Caribbean during the 1950's saw "Modern Merenge" become the craze in the islands. This of course happening during a time "Big Band" music was the rage in North American mainstream music culture. No wonder the "Big Band" sound is so evident. Also another thing I learned a few weeks back when I picked Jeff's brain as I always do on about everything music and online, there is Compas Direct or Kompa Direk. Surprise, surprise, I find online so much about again the man mentioned above and his later to be estranged partner Webert Sicot.

Nemours Jean Baptiste and Webert Sicot Reunite from antilles-mizik.com

Nemours Jean Baptiste and Webert Sicot Reunite

As usual, infighting got them separated and they both led great careers in the Haitian music scene. They did collaborate again as seen in above image from another great find, Antilles Mizik. Click on image that leads to their website with great finds. One thing for sure they are a huge catalyst in why Haitian Compas is universally known.

Thank you Haitian All-StarZ for the education and great find on Haitian Music at HaitianMusic.net!

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