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Haitian Flag Day, May 18 Social Media Goes Ham

HAY Online Media Catherine Flon from Fine Arts America

Catherine Flon, Fine Art America by Jean E. Laurent

Today is May 18, 2015 Haitian Flag Day.

Today as usual among many Haitians and Haitian Americans are representing all over social media. It is just something we do to show our pride. Yet, many need to understand we all have our own connections that may just be on this day or everyday dependent on our daily lives.

Some facts you can expound on by Google’ing Haitian Flag Day while logged out of your Chrome account are:

Catherine Flon, the god-daughter of Jean Jacques Dessalines sewed the first flag. It is said her god-father took the color choices from the French flag. Blue was said to represent the average African slave and the red was for the gens de couloeur (the free men of color mostly lighter persuasion Haitian who tend to be the ones who favored much after the revolution). That is another matter altogether.

The present day version was adopted by Alexander Petion, whom Petion-Ville is named after,

Here is a great piece I found online in my daily searches today:

Haitian Flag Day History 2015: The Real Meaning Behind The Country’s Red And Blue Stripes

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