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Jean-Michel Basquiat, Haitian American Artist Who Painted and Spit Truth

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Modonna

The Art of Everyday

The struggle can be real and to learn how so many who are “GIANTS” like Jean-Michel Basquiat really went through it is insightful. After reading this bio of his on biography.com, it just shows we all need to reach for help and we all need to have a bit more compassion for real.

This brilliant man had some things that must have gotten to him enough he found a release in drugs. Many of us who struggle may find this release in the same means as Mr. Jean-Mchel Basquiat or others, either way many beautiful souls go through it.

He started drawing just to doodle as another great Haitian American painter said he used to, JaFleu. They have that great similarity I am learning many artists just have, they love to draw away. Yes, the imagination they have is crazy and so intriguing to see on canvas like JaFleu’s art work you can find on Fine Art America’s website. We love sharing JaFleu’s art work. It is so representative of our times and poignant. Love learning about “GIANTS” and respect their honesty. Some through words, others through their art work.

See, Mr. Basquiat may have had a troubled mind, he still produce wonders and so can anyone. The one thing is, he really found no release that helped him cope with his problems. So his final day must have been just a time to get high or just wanted his own pass on life, who knows. One thing we all know is most who do these things are crying out for help and most times do not know how.

This month of May being mental illness awareness brought a different look at some greats. We have those who share their world like JaFleu and how they use positive means to just deal with life's challenges. He shares how he lets his artwork express what he cannot in words. In his Q & A with us he shares his thoughts. We appreciate him for sharing because we want you all to understand so many great people go through a lot but still produce masterpieces revered today while inspiring others to be great. They all choose how they cope. There are consequences as to what happens from those choices and one thing, we can learn from their choices. Some choose to succumb while others fight sharing their “Truth”.

He even produced a song with Remmelzee called, "Beat Bop":

"Beat Bop" Record Image Jean-Michel Basquiat and Fab Five Freddy and Rammelzee

Image from complex.com

Listen to it: Beat Bop” produced in 1983 by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rammelzee (YouTube)

One of his paintings:

Jean-Michel Basquiat Artwork Per Capita 1981

Per Capta, 198i1

Read More About Jean-Michel Basquiat [Internet]. 2015. The Biography.com website. Available from: http://www.biography.com/people/jean-michel-basquiat-185851 [Accessed 20 May 2015].

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