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Zoe Social Media Insights: Coming to HAY Online Blog and Serious Entrepreneurs Corner

As was intended from the start, HAY Online has been helping many youth with their online presence. We learn and share with those who need the help but cannot afford the costs associated.

Helping one correct something they passionately got into can be hard and emotional for both parties. The entrepreneur who unknowingly as I would say, "Put their online presence foot in their mouth" and the SEO specialist brainstorming on a strategy to safely remediate the problem. The Zoepreneur just wants a quick fix to help their brand stand the tide online while the SEO specialist is frustrated at times with new directions that mean a total new focus as to content put on main page of website.

Many fail to realize that all must be planned, even the unexpected additions need to be factored into "Training The Web". Training the web as in this is common in the landscape of branding for your brand. So much goes into a iron clad online presence strategy that is more than jotting what you will share online, it is how you will that is brand specific for so many reasons.



Money (Budget)


Technical Support

Content Creation Ability

Frequency of Sharing

And So Much More ...

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