• by Nancy Francois

Budgeting Zoepreneurs: Always Have A Hustle


Everyone wants to be a"Boss" but it costs. Lol, I ryhmed but for real, everyone wants to walk to the beat of their own drum.

Well, here is something to remember on that note of being your own "Boss". "It costs to be the boss" for a reason. Please do not follow those "Faking it till they make it" who show the glitz but not the "Meat & Potatoes" as I call it.

We are building a Financial section that is meant to help steer all Serious Entrepreneurs Corner that we have a Facebook for. There we will share tips, financial advisors and online resources to find the right financial help plagueing many of us in the Haitian American community. We all need help in one area or another. We just want to be here to help you do better.

Keep your hustle up until the route you chose replaces your income. Remember it can take many brands three to five years of consistent service to build clientele. Stop comparing yourself to others who have a better situation than you which helps them. Get to your stable point. Trust me, I am a prime example of how being a bartending, private caterer waitress, stay at home mommy who did not pay bills and was basically free to do with my cash as I wish was beneficial. Then the latest situation also gives me a familiar insight to when all that stability and cash flow is so much different. So keep a hustle up because with all the ups and downs I have had personally, the side hustles like my Home Health Aide one now help keep more going.

It is nice those who support HAY Online by purchasing HAY Online Media services cover HAY Online's overhead which is online base related. Now when more needs to be done or is being introduced where does one think the cash flow must come from? The huslte of course. I am a huslter by Zoe Blood in every sense. My mother is one and my father is one. All elleven siblings are too. It is just in our DNA.

Stay tuned for all we will be bringing to you. Have a productive day HAY!

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