• by Nancy Francois

Zoe Social Media Insights: Image Uploads and Sourcing

If one is able to search by Image Upload, what do you think this means?

Well, all those trying to outdo one or beat one to the punch have another thing coming. They are in a competition even they are unaware of. If one does not know your moves, how can they be detected as to being the first to share your own original content? See, all those who scrape information need to be wary why they must source it or lay reference to the originator of their find. So sit on this bit of insight and meditate a while, then get to cranking out your own original content so you avoid the soon to come shake up some who base their entire online existence on.

Side Note: The take away here is for YOU the Zoepreneur who is wondering how to even get in should just relax and stay original as possible. Avoid looking and sounding like the rest. Make sure to clearly state in text the image you are using is not yours. Keep giving credit as you share. Better when the image has a watermark but still must share who it came from if nothing on it identifies it. Logo's a bit tricky because though it clearly states it is not yours and your website clearly links to source or references the person you scraped it from, still ask the owner permission. This way when another comes to them about infringement which really it is not, just take it down and avoid the hassle. It is not a legal matter since you did not claim it, but they may not want to be associated with your brand at all. So here you just find ways to include if a must that do not use their logo. In my opinion it is so ridiculous this being an issue. Since any promotion on your behalf is great promotion. Shoot that person may be the online entity that finally got you detected. Have a great day HAY!

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