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Zoe Social Media Insights: Name, Name, Name, What Is The Fuss?


What is your brand name? Really, what is your brand name? How you name your brand is very important. If you are an entrepreneur on a shoe string budget, why would you knowingly set yourself up for failure? Okay, you did not mean to and that is well understood with how one use to just pick a name with meaning. Well, one must still do this in theory but be more practical when that name is already used well by another. It cost a lot alone for a brand to promote itself, let alone one with competition. Just choose the next best thing or do what many should be doing by default and that is research.

Research the name you came up with out of the blue that to you tied in your brands message. If you find there is little online from a brand using a word you want to in a keyword phrase brand name or one keyword brand name, then use it. Just remember to use Search Engine Optimization every step of the way. Tweaking it until you find all the areas that work for your brand and its message. If you research and find it has much competition, two things to decide: Will I still use it and be prepared to spend like crazy during the buzz creation phase and throughout the life of the brand? Or, do I choose a name that needs less effort to promote? I personally chose the latter. I wanted a niche and understood the name used would not be so easy for another to just come in and set up shop with.

There are other factors that make it a challenge to be bothered, but right now the name game is in focus. So, I chose Haitian American Youth Online. The name has so much going for it as a whole and each word on its own. The combination is a key reason HAY can post the way it does. Haitian and American content are shared online and the youth are our focus. The message we drive home has been the same no matter if one read our About section or not. The crawler did and that was the most important "person" HAY Online Media wanted anyway to notice during the buzz creation phase.

Now, is your brand name also great to use in a hashtag? If not easy and short to create a unique hashtag to help clump your content, pick another name that keeps in mind length. Yeah, length of brand name or phrases that make it up is important too. Also another area we will expound on in another post. Copycats, take notes. Now, once you do have a unique hashtag created, make sure you share exactly what it alludes to and keep this consistent. The more you do so the more chances given to be found. Remember do not be too annoying. This is another way to "Train The Web". So much training is done by brands every time they post. Either one of clarity or confusion as to what the heck a brand is trying to share about itself. Is it the blog shared once in forever or is it the constant sharing of another brand name you partner with that is not tied in well to yours? Also, it should not be so vast either.

I just cannot get why over five hashtags are used? If more, what is that going to accomplish when the point is to stand out not be drowned out. Unique ones have no competition and are easy to find via a search engines search bar. Lastly, for now anyways, branding a competitive name also comes with lifelong co-promotion. Like a "Side Note" like campaign that is focused on letting all know you are nothing like the other competitor. Whether it is making sure the name variants are distinctly pointed out, HAY and HEY or just the message reiterated forever it is not HEY. This campaign must always be in the works. So if your brand has a twitter, during optimal posting times, share the tweet that shares your brand name with something catchy. After insight is received that most all are familiar with the name keep sharing less frequently but for the life of brand online. This way those who may just now be learning of your brand will see it. So do not care about Joe Shmoe who saw it already, you want a new tweeter to see it.

Twitter is a great place for the web to notice a brand. Not all will be, especially those using hashtags like a majority who do all wrong. Hashtags are great to share if done well. Yet, if all the updates made today focus on originality of content and message, why would one use the same ones billions of others use? How can you tell a client or potential client to hashtag search you if the ones you use push your post down so far one on the go has no time to keep scrolling down? Much is common sense and how to do it is learning the platform you intend to brand on. Well, that is all for me to share. Hope this helped. Have a great night HAY!

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