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Zoe Social Media Insights: Describe Your Brand Goals Clearly and Prove It

Just because you say you are, does not mean the web sees you as you state. How are you conveying your message to the web?

Are you saying one thing but presenting another?

Video description lays no reference to words in title?

Is the message the same in a re-inventive way?

How did you go about making correlations stick between your brands message and that of the brands you introduce through branded profiles on other online platforms or owned "Hubs"?

Take Away:

Always state message clearly in your mission statement that should be in about section of website or blog(ger) profile. Make sure your domain name/website title is mentioned in the text of your descriptions of pages that clearly lay a great connecting reference to what your general message conveyed via your description for website with content messages do. Make sure it is similar with same message being expressed.

So state via text what you are going to do with your brand, work hard using tactics to lay reference via text to convey the message, and learn what works or not to determine best way via text to state your message. Get the web “Trained” as to what you are here to do brand wise. Let your audience know by presenting the content clearly and well branded. Like a branded hashtag (#HAYOnlineRadio) that is unique and sets you apart placed at the end of a statement made in a status update on company profile.

Example Message:

“HAY”, yes, it’s the radio station bringing you talent from all over under a central independent artist hub that promotes all they choose to list. Where the artist reigns supreme in our eyes and our efforts. #HAYOnlineRadio

Break Down:

This message above is general about HAY Online Radio and refers to it as HAY but in a sense to say, “Hey” by using our Acronym of Haitian American Youth. This give ample room to expound, speak more about it later somehow possibly relevant. Now, the statement of it being an independent artist hub clearly states who the platform is going to share content from and promote. Last statement makes all involved with brand aware of artist’s importance to the platform. Plainly stated, “…our efforts” shows HAY Online Radio’s sense of service to share independent artists content to a broad underground audience will be done to the best of our abilities in promotion. The message is clear underground artists are shared prominently on this platform and all efforts will be afforded in promoting all involved with the platform, HAY Online Radio.

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