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Haitian Father's Day Out-Trumps American Father's Day

Haitian Father's Day La Gonave Haiti Partners

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So, May saw the American and Haitian Mother's Day celebrated on two different days. American Mother's Day was on the tenth last month and Haitian Mother's Day was on the thirty-first. Now this coming Sunday is Father's day for us who are born here and we love to get something for our dads. Yet, as with last months celebration of our mother's, we have two chances to get our dad's a present.

I know like the last celebration, making it up on Haitian Father's Day was always my thing. Enjoy this coming Sunday with your daddy's and surprise him if you never knew about Haitian Father's day too. Let us celebrate our hard working Zoe Daddies. So come the 28th of June, 2015 do what it do.

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