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Zoe Social Media Insights: Making Your Social Media Profile Work For You

Work online and need to cut time on sharing information that comes to mind to tie in at a moment’s notice? Well look no further than your own social media platform. Many spend time on it, why not spend it wisely? Remember, time is money. So, when you are building your brand online with a shoe string budget, one needs to learn how to do much on their own. As you learn to share your brand more effectively, start categorizing things so they are easier to find. Use your branded unique hashtags to help you clump your information. This helps when you need to tie in a Throwback you can easily find.

Then learn more ways to segment the information to make less of that category or list come up. Like a healthy ten or less if possible. This is where one can be creative but write it all down as in protocol for what kind of content is called what.

Take Away: Just use your precious time wisely and use all you got. So many ways to make social media work for you and in turn benefit the platform back. They are making your old buried content easy to be found if you cannot mark it to be found. This is why the same slogan one day can be found in a Facebook search and now on Google Chrome can be found by typing the entire slogan.

If you are not giving ample chances to be detected, how is one to find you better? Sharing a few times and then stopping hurts if it was never picked up.

‪#‎TBT is a way to what? Do as I am saying for branded hashtags. The only issue with #TBT, everyone uses it so a deeper sea of "Ghost Fish".

Now a unique ‪#‎TBTHAYONLINE will help a bit more. Now a way to limit how much content is found under it is key. Less and more categorized content under relevant for what is presented keywords is ideal today. As Royale L’radin would say, “Let’s get it on purpose.” #ZoeSocialMedia

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