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Zoe Online Presence Insights: Online Brand Presence Diversity

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Always a good look to understand what kind of media will work best for what you are doing online. If you are into things that are presented to the public at large, then images and video are your best type of media to always churn out. A Zoepreneur should be setting up their online presence to stand the test of time. So here is some help as to where to keep focus when starting online. Do not spend too much time on one platform while others become more and more complicated. Sometimes the branching out helps a brand owner learn where to focus most. Yet if you are on one platform you are not even doing well on, that is sooooooo limiting and the name of the game is to get in where you can fit in an grow.

If you love kitty fashion, then you should be posting about the latest in fashion while posting things that are similar to the kind you actually produced. You are the expert so share things that educate your audience in many ways. Video is big in SEO when done well. Make sure your title for the video incorporates your keywords that best describes what you are here to share as in problem you are solving or information you are providing.

So if you are making clothes for cats, then your video should have the words cat and clothes in the catchy title you come up with. Let us use Katie Cat's Closet as a brand name example.

Video Title: Katie Cat's Closet: How to Make A Dress for Katie the Cat

This title is very descriptive and has many keywords one can place for. Now this example is full of competitive words to place for so phrases would be best to focus on or using a least searched for word that still gets hits would be ideal.

Let me do a quick logged out of Google Chrome search of that Cat Dresses, maybe that would be best to put as my category designate for cat apparel I will be sharing on a company website pertaining to cats clothes.

Company Website Title/Name: Katie Cat's Closet (KCC)

Slogan: Where Clothes Are The Cat's Meow, Katie Cat's Closet Sharing Creations Only A Cat Will Love (Hint: The use of this slogan will deem one not to use the word cat much if at all if one can help it in the body of anything written. It can be detected as "Stuffing". Something an algorithm can take as a tactic to position for the word cat. So find other words like feline friends or such to make it look natural but not like overly alluding to cat this and that. Just stick to cat dresses and using other words that make the play with words not so forced.

Category: Cat Dresses

Page Title: Cat Dresses - Cat Dresses Katie Cat's Closet ( Now if this is too long for your website builders Page Title section to take then do the next best thing, that is make Katie Cat's Closet KCC instead after the hyphen (-) )

So, my search of Cat Dresses landed me on results for human clothing with cats on them. Now one can choose to still position for this but all your online profiles need to right off the bat present all content with clear implications that this is for cats to wear. The slogan can and should allude to it. The website and the focal image Above The Fold should allude to it on the page about Cat Dresses - Katie Cat's Closet or Cat Dresses - KCC. Here you stated your category, page title and what keyword you are positioning for. This is a strategy one can use as they add pages to their website. Start writing all the categories you want to share about cat clothes. Then create a landing page or the home page that lists them. Each listed category should be a page that concisely alludes to what you put in the description for that page. The other choice was Cat Dresses for Cats as a search phrase yet that will be hit off rip when more is shared with text saying Cat Dresses - Katies Cat's Closet. Either way focus on Cat Dresses associated with the brand name as implied all through out this post about Online Presence Diversity pertaining to titles of what one will share on diverse (different kinds: i.e. Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and others that are optimal for your brand) platforms.

So the description for that page can go like this for Cat Dresses (Category to be listed on Home Page or Landing Page ,Back Page Title, Keyword Positioning for) - Katie Cat's Closest (Website Name, Title, and Domain Name: www.katiecatscloset.com).

Description: Katie Cat's Closet has an array of cat dresses to look through with your Kitty. Enjoy our gallery and videos of our "Cat's Meow" Catwalk extravaganza.

All while keeping in mind: Stuffing (Not to keep putting the words in Cat Dresses - Katie Cat's Closet throughout the body text for that specific page, a healthy no more than three times if you can help it to refer to whole title so try to choose other similar word/synonyms), Heading Size (Cat Dresses on Home Page or Landing Page), Page Title Size (Cat Dresses - Katie Cat's Closet H1 on the actual page only sharing Cat Dresses) and Images shared on the page should have their alt tag/alt title filled out with keyword of Cat Dresses in it describing image.

There are more things to pay attention to. This little bit helps when you finally learn a Silo structure that will fit your goals and site flow intended. You will be able to link back pages well to your main content pages that are normally on your menu and for larger sites, all the headings to content on back pages with headings on home page Under The Fold too.

Online Presence Diversity:

Hub ( Website or Blog (site) )

Social Media Priorities ( Google Plus, Facebook Page, Tumblr or Blogger Blog, Twitter, Instagram and one or up to three more profiles that specifically share content in the format suitable for your brand)

Industry Specific Forums/Groups/Affiliate Communities (Your are a Plumber right? Then why not join forums that discuss plumbing issues or household repair issues? Become a member and start getting acquainted with the platforms you choose to be on. Let the web and other audiences know you are here to help either online with a quick bit of advice or in person because the member in your locale likes your help or presence that calls to book your services)


Keep Name of Business Spelled The Same (Exact Match) ( Do not play with brand name. If spelled a way, keep that spelling on website, social media profile name and within forums you reply to a comment or start a conversation in.)

Keep Message Clearly The Same During the "Training The Web" phase when you just step on the scene online, make things clear and repeat your message in varying ways.

Put Your Brand Name In All Your Descriptions Even on social media profiles, keep adding Katie Cat's Closet in a natural way. Facebook Profile Name: Katie Cat's Closet (KCC) (May have to omitt The "t's" and just put Cats but always all else you can put the" t's") Description Text for Facebook Page: Where Clothes Are The Cat's Meow, Katie Cat's Closet sharing creations only a cat will love

Haitian American Youth (HAY) Online, start making a buzz online the right way. Set up your "Hub", social media, and join the conversation in that order. Then from your "Hub" share to your social media profiles timelines, walls or public space all that can be found online at your "Hub(s)". Hint: If you are sharing it well from your controlled central location online with ease, absent of confusion, then guess who in the audience can understand what you are to share you well under keyword results? Ding, ding, ding: A search engine crawler and that is why Zoe Online Presence Insights is here.

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